Can Adults have ADHD?


Many adults have ADHD and don't know they have it. Like ADHD in children and adolescents, ADHD in adults can make life challenging. ADHD can make it hard for adults to feel organized, stick with a job, or get to work on time. Adults with ADHD may have trouble in relationships. The disorder can also make adults feel restless.


ADHD in adults can be diagnosed and treated. For some adults, finding out they have ADHD can be a big relief. Being able to connect ADHD to longtime problems helps adults understand that they can get better. If you're an adult and think you may have ADHD symptoms, please feel free to call us. 


What are the symptoms of ADHD in an Adult?


Many adults with ADHD may have many day to day difficulties. For instance the following could be difficult for them to do; follow directions, remember information, concentrating, organizing tasks or completing work within time limits. If these difficulties are not managed appropriately, they can cause associated behavioral, emotional, social, vocational and academic problems


Adults can have school, work, social, and relationship impairments that are linked to having ADHD. 

  • Had a history of poorer educational performance and were underachievers.
  • Had more frequent school disciplinary actions.
  • Dropped out of school more often.
  • Change employers frequently and perform poorly.
  • Have had fewer occupational achievements, independent of psychiatric status.
  • Have a lower socioeconomic status.
  • Have driving violations such as: be cited for speeding; have their licenses suspended; be involved in more crashes; rate themselves and others as using poorer driving habits.
  • Use illegal substances more frequently.
  • Smoke cigarettes. 
  • Self-report psychological maladjustment more often.
  • Have more marital problems and multiple marriages.
  • Have higher incidence of separation and divorce.

Much of this functional impairment diminishes with remission of the disorder and can be mitigated by appropriate treatment.

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