Studies have shown that a multimodal approach to the treatment of ADHD can be the most effective. The ADHD Center of Las Vegas works with all families to develop an individualized treatment plan, which may include a combination of services including therapy, medication management, cognitive training, mentoring, and academic support.


The ADHD Center of Las Vegas offers a multitude of in-house care options that can be utilized well after an evaluation has been completed. We understand that the decision to utilize medication as a form of treatment is a considerable one, and that for many families, medication is simply not an option. Because medication is just one of many interventions for the successful management of ADHD symptoms, the ADHD Center of Las Vegas offers a range of alternative treatment choices.


If and when appropriate, families who desire medication can receive referrals to primary care physicians for medication treatment. To ensure continuity of the client’s care, Dr. Ali consults with physicians regarding assessments and findings, and provides them with appropriate feedback and insight.




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